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Garage Door Service in Maineville, OH

Are you in need of garage door service, but don’t know where to turn? Look no further than the team at Garage Door Repair of Maineville, OH. Our team works around the clock to provide quality garage door repairs, new garage door installations, and general maintenance.

Preserving With Garage Door Service

As homeowners, we take pride in our homes and spend a lot of time managing the upkeep of them. One piece that is often overlooked, however, is the garage door. To prolong the life of your garage door and prevent major issues or repairs, your garage door should be serviced regularly.

When you schedule regular maintenance with our technicians, they will first perform a thorough check of your garage door. They may advise on issues they see and will address any of your concerns. They will, lastly, lubricate moving parts and tighten loose nuts and bolts to keep all components working efficiently.

Scheduling Routine Maintenance

Now that you know how important regular garage door maintenance is, you may be wondering how often it should be done. To really aid in the upkeep of your garage door, general maintenance should be done on a yearly basis. Many homeowners try to schedule it around the same time of year and with the changing of seasons as a way of remembering to do so.

Your Role

In addition to scheduling yearly maintenance on your garage door, there are items you can complete or take note of. These include:

  • Cleaning the safety eye sensors and keeping them free of debri
  • Changing out batteries or remotes and keypads regularly
  • Keeping an eye on the tracks of your doors to make sure they are balanced
  • Listening for changes in the way your garage door sounds when operating

Taking these steps may alert you early on if there is an issue with your garage door. Though it’s helpful to keep an eye on your door, never attempt to repair it on your own.

New Garage Doors

Are you in the market for a completely new garage door? Well, Garage Door Repair of Maineville has you covered. Our team will walk you through the entire process of choosing the right style of garage door to fit your home, down to the installation.

If you are unable to find a garage door you like, you may be the perfect candidate for a custom garage door. You can work with our team to design a garage door that fits your vision and your home. Once designed and built, our technicians will install it at your home and make sure all of the parts are working together correctly.

We’re Ready for Your Call

Regardless of what you're facing with your garage door, call our team at Garage Door Repair of Maineville today. With a highly skilled and experienced team, we can have your garage door in top shape in no time. We look forward to working with you and showing you how a well-functioning garage door can make a difference in your home.

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